How this vegetarian multivitamin can improve your health

2021-11-16 17:00:42 By : Mr. Hui Zhang

If you are a vegetarian or sometimes plant-based, you may worry that you are not getting the right nutrition. You may already know that you need vitamin B12 supplements, but the truth is, its effects are much more than that. You can actually get everything you need in one place: Complement Essential, a multivitamin designed for vegetarians, plant-based dieters and anyone on the road. 

If you are the latter, please know that you don’t have to complete this major transition all at once. When Olympian Julia Murray started to reduce the animal products in her diet six years ago, she didn't realize that she would give them up forever. The retired Canadian freestyle skiing silver medalist is learning to become a holistic nutritionist. At that time, she learned that eating more fruits and vegetables can help reduce chronic inflammation-a problem she couldn't be more familiar with. 

"I just completed a few major knee surgeries," Murray said. One was severe damage to the ACL that she participated in during the 2010 Olympic Games; the other was because of ACL injuries and cartilage damage, she won the world championship silver medal at the FIS World Championship after the end of the season. "My knee was inflamed in the morning, so the anti-inflammatory effects of plant foods first caught my interest." 

Murray changed his lifestyle step by step. She said: "I didn't see it as a cut, but as adding more plants to help my knees."

She began to eliminate beef from her diet, and then slowly switched to other products-chicken, eggs, cheese, milk, etc. One pillar leads to another, and her relationship with the impact of animal husbandry on our health, environment, and finally animals is getting closer and closer. In the year she transitioned to a plant-based diet, perfection or labeling was not the most important thing.

She may be an Olympian, but incremental change is an approach that many of us can accept. There is no perfect way to achieve lasting change; the beginning is the most important thing. "I always tell people that it's about progress, not perfection," Murray said. 

Progress can take many forms: from eliminating one food at a time, to adding multiple vitamins to your daily life, to adapting yourself to new eating habits. When you eat plant-based foods, responsible supplements are a smart way to ensure that your body gets all the right nutrients.

Complement Essential is a vegan multivitamin specially designed to fill the nutritional gap common to plant-based dieters. This is because it contains omega-3, minerals and nutrients, which together help improve overall health-from regulating metabolism to improving sleep-and only give you what you need, without the large amounts of extra nutrients you already get from health Plant-based diet. 

"No matter what eating pattern you follow, you may lack something different," explains Rhyan Geiger, a registered dietitian in Phoenix. "It’s more about the quantity of food, not the quality. Of course, you still want to eat fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes-as many whole plant foods as possible. But because of the way they are grown and processed, no matter how You may lack nutrition anyway." 

Murray (who was once the most outstanding person!) is now a certified plant chef and a holistic nutritionist, passionate about helping people make these incremental but meaningful changes. 

She encourages simple exchanges, such as replacing plant-based protein with meat, focusing on nutrition, and liking what you eat. "It's about abundance, not scarcity," she said. "In the beginning, I just go with the flow and consciously choose less animal products at every meal." She added with a smile: "When I go out, I still order cheese nachos because I don't want to be a'weird', you know Is it? Cheese is the last thing." 

Plant-based is a huge leap towards a healthy life. Nevertheless, even if you eat a rainbow of fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes, your body may miss some very important nutrients. "There is no "perfect diet" that only depends on food sources," said Joel Kahn, MD, FACC, and a vegetarian for more than 43 years. "This is not a criticism, but a reality shared with Mediterranean, DASH, and other scientifically supported diet plans."

All diets are at risk of certain deficiencies. Even healthy plant-based dieters need to zero certain vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals are either not high in plant foods or because of the deterioration of soil quality. . With this in mind, here are some essential nutrients that all plant-based dieters need to achieve optimal health and why they are important: 

Vitamin B12: It is produced by soil bacteria and naturally exists in animal products. The human body cannot produce vitamin B12 by itself. It supports red blood cell formation, neural function and DNA synthesis. Complement Essential contains methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, which are the most easily absorbed form by the body. 

Fact: "Even if you are eating animal products, you may need to supplement with vitamin B12, because there is not enough vitamin B12 in animal food due to low soil quality," Geiger said. 

DHA and EPA Omega-3s: derived from algae grown in solar ponds, so they are highly renewable and free of marine sludge and microplastics. These basic types of omega-3s support brain and cholesterol health and the nervous system Adjust and increase the energy level. The omega-3 in Complement Essential is actually better absorbed than fish oil. 

Vitamin D3: Sorry, sunshine. Despite spending time outdoors (and whether you wear clothes), you may still be deficient in vitamin D, which comes in two forms: D2 and D3. Complement Essential contains more easily absorbed vitamin D3 called Vitashine, which comes from lichen (a symbiotic life form composed of fungi and algae that grow on trees). 

Zinc: Supports healthy skin, nails, vision and immune system, as well as the body's ability to heal wounds. Complement Essential uses picolinate, which is the most easily absorbed form by the body. 

Iodine: Iodine is continuously extracted from kelp to support thyroid function. Thyroid function produces hormones that regulate metabolism, heart rate and body temperature. 

Geiger pointed out that unless you eat seaweed or iodized salt, you may not get enough iodine in your diet. 

Vitamin K2: helps maintain a strong heart and bones, and helps blood clotting. It is derived from the bacterium menaquinone, which is found in natto, a Japanese breakfast food made from fermented soybeans. 

"It also helps the absorption of vitamin D," Geiger explained, which helps calcium intake. 

Selenium: plays a key role in normal thyroid function and metabolism. It is naturally found in plant foods such as Brazil nuts. But poor soil quality for these crops usually means that many of these foods do not contain enough selenium. 

Magnesium: Supports metabolism, energy levels, mood and heart health. It increases the role of iodine in thyroid function. Complement Essential contains magnesium citrate, which is the most easily absorbed form by the body. Magnesium is found in foods such as vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, but soil depletion reduces the presence of magnesium.

When adding multivitamins to your diet, be sure to consult your doctor. Also, if you are curious about what you are missing, ask your primary care provider to perform a blood test. "If you are a vegetarian, please ask them to check your vitamin B12 and folic acid levels, because I have seen situations that are not included in the blood test," Geiger said. 

Complement Essential is not only made with nutrients that are difficult to obtain from food, but the brand also purchases its own ingredients. These ingredients have been triple-tested: once for quality, once for purity (once the last batch is made), and finally, by the first Tripartite laboratory. 

The company pays attention to every detail. The supplement capsules do not contain fillers and artificial colors. In fact, the oil used contains a mixture of compounds such as carotenoids, omega-7 and chlorophyll, giving it a natural dark green. They are already packaged in sustainable glass bottles, but Complement is transitioning to fully biodegradable and compostable bags in early 2022. 

Each purchase also supports three good causes: carbon offset through Pachama, planting a tree by planting a tree, and saving animals by living in harmony.

For anyone who is incorporating more plants into their diet, Murray said: “The important thing is not to be too harsh with yourself and to draw inspiration from your own behavior. These small steps are what you achieve. This is about going forward. The big picture is a small step." These small steps are worth celebrating. Being plant-based has many positive effects on the earth, the people who live in it, and your health. But it is important to make sure that you take care of the last part to thrive, and Complement Essential can help you feel at ease, so that you will not miss important nutrients. Visit Complement's website for more information.

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