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 Lashtoniic Eyelash-Eyebrow Growth EnhancerFrance formula,7 Days make your Eyelashes-Eyebrows-- Longer,Blacker,Thicker.MSDS,ISO,CE,FDA,SGS,Test Report all we have. Product NameLASHTONIIC Eyelash-EyeBrow Growth LiquidSpecification5m

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 Lashtoniic Eyelash-Eyebrow Growth Enhancer

France formula,7 Days responding.
to make your Eyelashes-Eyebrows-- Longer,Blacker,Thicker.
MSDS,ISO,CE,FDA,SGS,Test Report all we have.

Product NameLASHTONIIC Eyelash-EyeBrow Growth Liquid
EffectEyelash Growth/Enhancer/Extension;
Price3.5usd/pcs base on the MOQ
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This product uses France "HAPPY" developed by the pharmaceutical company, the "EMP"constitute of 10 amino acids,is to form part of human tissue protein . Can be used in the manufacture of hair cells and the formation of organizations , can activate dormant hair follicles of the secondary gem organization , so that the resting phase of hair follicle cells back to the developmental stages of the value-added division level , to promote rapid growth of 
eyelashes-eyebrows .

From France, sweeps the world, let you feel the romance of France.
7 days responding: To make your eyelashes - - longer, blacker, thicker apply Biology Enzyme Technology Plus 100% Natural eyelash Conditioner

Natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals longer, thicker, stronger, lashes in just one month A 24 HOUR, DAY + NIGHT, NATURAL


Apply this clear Enzyme-EPM nightly onto the root of clean eyelashes. Sweep applicator brush along sparse areas. For faster results, user may apply product every morning and night onto clean, dry skin.

Main Ingredients
Biology enzyme"EPM", 10-amino acids, hair follicle growth factor, distilled water, vitamins, Lavender essential oil, natural plant essence.

Morning and evening after cleansing, in the eyelash (eyebrows) roots painted eyelashes (eyebrows) solution; To feel wet you can, close your eyes two minutes to fully absorb, such as drops into the eyes, do not worry, no side effects.

1. This is developed by pharmaceutical companies, bio-enzyme "EPM" by 10 amino acids, is to form part of human tissue proteins.

2. Can be used in the manufacture of hair cells and the formation of organizations, can activate dormant hair follicles of the secondary germ organization, so that in the resting phase of hair follicle cells back to the developmental stages of the value-added division level, to promote rapid growth of eyelashes, use 7 days after the eyelashes (brow) gradually become dense black hair, 10 to 15 days after the eyelashes (eyebrow) hair darker and more dense, longer song Alice again, and the length of the metabolism is not affected.

Wear contact lenses shall first be unloaded lenses again smear, stay 15 minutes after wearing again, in order to avoid lower the effect.

1.What's the effect of your eyelash growth serum?
Eyelash growth serum use newest biological technique and safe effective ingredient, can make eyelash growth obviously and rapidly, longer thicker and darker your eyelashes, let you feel confidence!
2.What people can use this eyelash growth serum?
Suitable for rare of eyelash, short eyelash, eyelash off people
3.What's the effective ingredient list?
biology enzyme 'EPM", 10-amino acids, distilled water, hair growth follicle growth factor
4.How many days can I see my eyelash grow?
It depend on different people, as different people may have different metabolism, usually 7-15 days can see the effect, the using period is 3 months, every period is 28 days.
5.How many times do I need to use a day?
Usually twice or three times a day. If you can see effect soon, you can also just keep using 1 time 1 day.
6.When can I stop using the eyelash growth serum?
After you see your eyelash reach the lengthen which you want, you can stop using it. If you want it to grow more, please keep using it again for a period of time.

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