Feed additive granular calcium formate feed additive

CAS number544-17-2Feed AdditiveCalcium FormateManufacturerHuaRui Animal HusbandryProduct NumberCAF-M99(Calcium formate, 99%)Feed GradeNon-food gradeBetter than food gradeSynonyms:Calcium formate,Formic acid calcium salt; Calcium diformate; Calcoform;Calciumdiformiat (German); Diformiato de calcio (Spanish); Diformiate de ca

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Feed Additive Granule Calcium Formate Feed Additive
CAS number544-17-2
Feed AdditiveCalcium Formate
ManufacturerHuaRui Animal Husbandry
Product NumberCAF-M99(Calcium formate, 99%)
Feed GradeNon-food gradeBetter than food grade
Synonyms:Calcium formate,Formic acid calcium salt; Calcium diformate; Calcoform;Calciumdiformiat (German); Diformiato de calcio (Spanish); Diformiate de calcium (French); Mravencan vapenaty (Czech).......
What's the main functions(feed grade calcium formate as feed additive)?
Promote growth,
Increase appetite,
Improve palatability,
Have some functions of antibiotics.......
Applicable species range & Recommended dosage by
Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical StateWhite Crystalline particles
Chemical FormulaC2H204CaCa(HC00)2
Molecular Weight130
Product description
Calcium formate is a white to almost white fine crystalline powder. It can be used an accelerator for the pozzolanic cement pastes. On the one hand, it shortens the initial and final setting times and increases the compressive strength and combined water content as well as gel/space ratio at all ages of hydration. On the other hand, it decreases the total porosity. It has been shown that it has a growth-promoting effect in weanling pigs challenged with E. coli, independently of their susceptibility to the intestinal adhesion of this strain. More importantly, calcium formate can be used as a nutrient supplement to the feed of young growing pigs or fattening poultry, further boosting the growth of animals and the feed utilization. At the same time, it causes a reduction of the occurrence of piglet diarrhea.
Heavy metal(pb)≤0.000412
Calcium formate>99%Ca>30.5
The main purposeAnimal Feed Additive,Feedstock Preservative,Silage Treatment,
Buffered solutions,Cement Additive,Leather Tanning,Gas Generation,
Flue-gas Desulfurization,De- icing agent.
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3 Main Feed Grade Feed additives
Calcium formatePotassium diformateSodium diacetate
Promote growthKill bacteria and promote growthPreservative,Antifungal agent
Be included in the Cargill Procurement List
Applicable animal species
Poultry and livestock feed,Ruminant + Non-Ruminant
horse, cattle and sheep + pigs and sows, piglets, pork, chicken, broiler,duck,goose.
Aquaculture feed (fish and shrimp feed)
Other uses
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Buyers' concerns
A. Is it a feed additive manufacturer? Yes
B. Is there a production qualification and production approval number? Yes
C. Are the feed additives (potassium diformate, calcium formate, sodium diacetate) feed grade or food grade? Feed grade
D. What is the purity? >99%
E. Can food grade additives be added to feed? No, it's against the law.
F. Why are the prices of other suppliers so much cheaper?
   It's really cheap, produced by by-product formic acid.

G. What formic acid do you use? Formic acid-ortho acid
H. Why are so many companies stealing pictures of your products?
We are complaining and requesting to remove their products through reasonable and legal channels. We hereby declare that we only export directly to foreign buyers through our own company, omitting intermediate links and letting the profits go to overseas buyers.
I. What is the minimum order quantity? 1 ton
J. Can you give me the agency price after cooperation?
  The MOQ reaches 5 tons each time, we are happy to try it.

K. Please tell me the normal delivery period? 1-3days within 20tos.
L. Can you talk about the agency price in the country where the client is located?
  We need to have a suitable basis for cooperation at least, and we are willing to make a large       bargaining in a larger market.

M.Please directly emal or call us for further communications.
Feed Additive Granule Calcium Formate Feed Additive

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