Liquid glucose (corn syrup) glucose syrup

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Packings :                                                                                            Certifications :

300kg plastics or irion drum                                                            Halal certificate
9kg plastics drum                                                                                 Certified ISO90
24kg irondrum                                                                                       Kosher certificate
or As specified by clients                                                                    HACCP Certificate

AppearanceThick transparent liquid, no visible impurities
SmellWith a special smell of maltose
TasteModerate and pure sweet, no odor
ColorColorless or slightly yellow
DE %40-65
Dry solid70-84%
Infusion TempºC>=135
Chroma (HaZen)=<15
Sulfate Ash(mg/kg)=<0.4
Conductance (us/cm)=<30
Sulfur dioxide=<30
Total bacteria=<2000
Coliform bacteria (cfu/ml)=<30
As mg/kg=<0.5
Pb mg/kg=<0.5
Pathogenic (salmonella)No exist

Features and Application
Liquid glucose (corn syrup) is a kind of syrup made from high quality corn starch with maltose as main content by double enzyme technique, it is a kind of colorless,transparent thic liquid with moderate sweet taste and fragrance of malt.
Liquid Glucose(corn syrup) is widely used in many industries such as confectionary, frozen food, beverage, beer,yellow wine, ratefee,jelly,baking food,candied fruit, flavoring, enzyme preparation, medicine, meat products.

Liquid Glucose 75% -85%
Liquid Glucose 75% -85%
Liquid Glucose 75% -85%
Liquid Glucose 75% -85%

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