Fast LCD display of NPK soil nutrient tester

Fast LCD Display NPK Soil Nutrient TesterProduct Introduction:The soil tester can quickly test the N, P, K, organic matter, salinity, and PH in the soil, fertilizer and plants. The machine can store a

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Fast LCD Display NPK Soil Nutrient Tester

Product Introduction:
The soil tester can quickly test the N, P, K, organic matter, salinity, and PH in the soil, fertilizer and plants. The machine can store and print  data .Have complete chemicals which are for free at the first time.
1.Quickly test the N, P, K,organic matter, salinity, and PH in the soil, fertilizer and plants.
2.With the function of time display, can automatically record and save the time of tested sample.
3.Store about 1000 groups datum(time, place, fertilizers) , datum can be checked at any time.
4.Print testing date, sample number, sample items, sample contents, variety and so on
5.Big-screen LCD shows, and will guide you how to operate.
6.Can set crop variety, crop yield, fertilizer variety, and automatically count the fertilizing amount.
7.Built-in large capacity rechargeable battery.
1. Nutrient technical parameter:
StabilityA(absorbency of light) drift < 0.003 in three minutes
RepetitivenessA(absorbency of light) <0.005
Linearity errors<3.0 %
SensitivityRed light  ≥4.5 ×10-5
Blue light ≥3.17×10-3
Wavelength rangered light 620 ±4nm    
Blue light 440±4nm   
Green light 520 ± 4 nm
Anti-knocking performancequalified
 (Attention: above technical parameters all exceed national standards)

2. PH specification:

3. Salinity specification:
Range0.01% -1.00%

Alternating current (AC)80V- 240V,50Hz,)
Direct current18V,5W (With tester)

5.Soil moisture technical parameter:
Moisture unit%(m³/m³)
Moisture content rate testing range0-100%



Fast LCD Display NPK Soil Nutrient Tester

Fast LCD Display NPK Soil Nutrient Tester

Fast LCD Display NPK Soil Nutrient Tester

Fast LCD Display NPK Soil Nutrient Tester

Model difference:
Model Function difference
TPY-IVTest N,P,K, organic matter, with formula function, can provide guidance for fertilizing amount 
according to needs, without printing function
TPY-6Test N,P,K, PH, organic matter, soil PH, soil salinity, with storage and printing function
TPY-6ABased on all the function of NB-TYP-6, built-in the amount of nutrients needed for growth 
of 70 kinds of crops, can provide guidance 
for fertilizing amount according to needs, with printing function
TPY-6PCBased on all the function of NB-TYP-6, with"intelligent  formula fertilization software system" 
CD, built-in the amount of nutrients needed for growth of 70 kinds of crops, with printing function, 
can connect with computer for data storage, tele-transmission and printing
TPY-7PCBased on all the function of NB-TYP-6, can test soil moisture, with"intelligent formula fertilization 
software system" CD, built-in the amount of nutrients needed for growth of 70 kinds of
crops, with printing function, can connect with computer for data storage, 
tele-transmission and printing.

1. How can I choose the suitable one?
Dear customer, please tell us your detailed requirements by mail or online, we will recommend the suitable one as your request.
2. Does your price is competitive?
Dear customer, we make sure to offer you the best quality with competitive price.
3. How can I pay?
Dear customer, we accept many payment term, such as T/T, Western Union…
4. When I receive it after pay?
Dear customer, normal models can be delivered with 5-7days, please contact us to check transport time to your address.
5. How to deliver?
Dear customer, we can send by Express, by Sea and by Air.
6. Is will be broken during transport?
Dear customer, please do not worry, we do standard export package.
7. What should I do if I do not know how to use?
Dear customer, please do not worry, manual user will be sent together, you can also contact us with more technological support.
8. What should I do if some parts broken?
Dear customer, please do not worry, we have 12months warranty except  wear parts. You can also buy parts from us after 12months.

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Fast LCD Display NPK Soil Nutrient Tester

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Fast LCD Display NPK Soil Nutrient Tester

Fast LCD Display NPK Soil Nutrient Tester

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Fast LCD Display NPK Soil Nutrient Tester


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